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Reni Aridegbe, our Business Manager at Tiffany Amber recently took a trip to Dakar. It is amazing to know that we have beautiful holiday destinations on the continent, so if you are booking your next holiday it may be worth staying closer to home. Here is how how her trip went...

Describe your experience in Dakar

It was nice , very warm and the people were very friendly. The atmosphere was so magical that it didn't feel like I was in Africa, not that there is anything wrong with Africa, it just felt our of this continent. The environment is very clean. Everything is by the water, very breezy and beachy. I also got to see the famous African renaissance monument which is simply grand.

Where did you stay?

At the Radisson Blu which is 3 km from Îles des Madeleines national park and 12 km from Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport.

Favourite place to eat?

La Cabane du Pêcheur, Ndeureuhnou which is the best seafood restaurants in Dakar.

Favourite dish in Dakar?

Kelewele or Aloko (spicy fried plantains) with lamb chops.

Best view can be found at?

The view from the top of the African Renaissance statue.

Packing essentials

Swimsuits, sunscreen, light clothing (it is very humid), comfortable shoes like trainers, do not rely on your credit card.


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